About Us

Bulawayo Real Estate is a firm that prides in its originality and integrity. The Agency is a private limited company incorporated on the 5th of August 1993, to become the first Indigenous Estate Agent Company to open its doors to the City of Kings from 1993 to date. The company set its objective to claim a share of the property market given a time period of dedication and principled commitment to that cause. Since date of incorporation, we have always prioritised proffering uncompromised and justifiable real estate service to the satisfaction of our clients. The firm also understands that the success of any business is vested in the ethics and competence to the staff members not the top of the hierarchy. It was against this background that Bulawayo Real Estate handpicked and oriented all its staff members towards the goals and vision of the firm so as to deliver professional service guided by code of conduct for   Real Estate  practitioners. We are the property people ,the home of Real Estate Investments ,guaranteeing you transparency  and zero risk guidance throughout the process of all your Real Estate investments

About Bulawayo Real Estate Pvt Ltd

Our Services

Property Sales

All types of properties, commercial, industrial, residential, farms and plots.

Property Consultancy

Giving our clients the best advice and guidance for their real estate investment is what we do best, our goal is to ensure our clients get value for their money in all their investments

Property Management

Residential, commercial, industrial properties, farms, plots and small holdings

Property Valuations

Both immovable (land and buildings) and moveable properties plant and machinery, livestock etc.